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24 bit/96 kHz USB Audio Capture

Q.What new technologies are incorporated in the UA-25 to achieve high quality sound?

A.New power supply system
Edirol Engineers have placed the highest importance on the basic design of the UA-25 including a new power supply system and the following technologies to achieve premium sound quality.

  1. Stable Digital Clock Supply
    The UA-25 uses a highly accurate frequency counter and high-resolution frequency generator to keep an extraordinarily stable clock. Keeping the digital clock free from any fluctuations offers crystal clear audio.
  2. New Power Supply System
    The UA-25 is equipped with a newly-developed, low-noise, wide-range power supply unit which draws power directly from USB. The UA-25 converts the power of USB to offer a wider dynamic range to the analog components. This allows the UA-25 to offer incredibly low levels of noise in your audio signal and a more accurate representation of your recording.
  3. +4dBu Balanced I/O
    The UA-25 offers further sound quality by using +4dBu Balanced input and output. This allows the user to send much louder signals with much less noise, and allows the UA-25 to connect directly to any professional studio device.


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