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USB Audio Interface

Q.Can I record the sounds coming from my computer (such as Internet radio) into my computer recording software using the UA-1EX?

A.Yes. By making the following settings, you can use the UA-1EX to send the
computer's audio output back into the computer.
This allows you to use recording software to record Internet radio or other
computer audio.

  • Set the REC SOURCE switch (located on the underside of the UA-1EX) to DIGITAL,
    and set the SAMPLE RATE switch to match your recording software's sample rate.
    (When you change these settings, refresh the UA-1EX's connection to the
    computer so it will recognize the new setting.)
  • If a cable is connected to the DIGITAL INPUT jack, disconnect it.
    This will ensure that no digital signal arrives at the DIGITAL INPUT jack.
    By doing this, audio coming from the computer will pass through
    the UA-1EX and "loop back" into the computer.


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