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USB Audio Interface

Q.In Windows, the Speaker icon in the Task Bar disappeared after I installed the driverfor the UA-1EX. Why is this?

A.Per the Windows specification, the Speaker icon only appears in the Task Bar when the device chosen for Sound Playback includes a Master Volume control.
(In Windows, Sound Playback settings can be accessed from
"Sound and Audio Device" --> "Sound Playback.”)

The UA-1EX doesn't provide a Master Volume control, so no Speaker icon will appear in the Task Bar when the UA-1EX is selected as the device for Sound Playback.

If you'd like to adjust the playback volume of the UA-1EX, open "Volume Control" in the Windows Control Panel** and adjust the volume there.

**Example: Windows XP
"Start" --> "Control Panel" --> "Sound, audio, and audio device" --> "Audio" --> "Volume"To make it easy to get to the Volume Control setting, you can create a shortcut as described here:
  1. Using the mouse, click the "Start" menu, and then cursor to "All programs" --> "Accessories"
    --> "Entertainment."
  2. Right-click "Volume Control," and select "Send" --> "Desktop (create shortcut)" in the menu.
    A shortcut to the Volume Control setting will appear on the desktop.


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