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USB Audio Interface

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Q.Is my product compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7?


Please check the link below for the details. ・・・

Q.Is my product compatible with the OS X Lion (10.7)?


Compatibility with OS X Lion (10.7) Here you can get ・・・

Q.In Windows, the Speaker icon in the Task Bar disappeared after I installed the driverfor the UA-1EX. Why is this?


Per the Windows specification, the Speaker icon only appears ・・・

Q.When I input an analog signal to the UA-1EX's INPUT or MIC jacks, can I hear this audio from the digital output in real time?


No. The UA-1EX does not output a digital signal in realtime ・・・

Q.Can I record the sounds coming from my computer (such as Internet radio) into my computer recording software using the UA-1EX?


Yes. By making the following settings, you can use the UA-1EX ・・・

Q.During audio recording, can I adjust the input volume on the UA-1EX?


Yes, you can. The UA-1EX is the first unit in its class that's ・・・

Q.Is the UA-1EX's MIC input monaural or stereo?


The UA-1EX's MIC (PLUG-IN POWERED) input is monaural. ・・・

Q.While I record the digital audio signal arriving at the UA-1EX's DIGITAL INPUT jack to my computer, can I also monitor the audio coming from the computer?


No. When the UA-1EX's REC SOURCE (recording source) switch is ・・・

Q.I've connected a digital device to the UA-1EX and recorded some audio from the device into recording software on my computer. However, when I play back the recorded audio, the playback speed and pitch is different from the original audio. Why is this?


This is probably the result of a sample rate mismatch between ・・・

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