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Q.How can I monitor the playback sound coming out of the computer while muting input monitor signals arriving at INPUT 1--10 that are assigned to output the UA-101's headphone jack and monitor output jacks?


In order to eliminate the input monitor signal arriving at the UA-101's INPUT 1--10 jacks from the monitor output of the headphone jack or the monitor output jacks, set the direct monitor volume knob to full left. This will mute the input monitor.

You'll get only the computer's output signal on the headphone jack and monitor output jacks.

  1. Simply turning the [DIRECT MONITOR SOFT CONTROL] switch OFF will not turn off the input monitor signal. For details about this function, refer to the following FAQ.
    Related FAQ: JP05-10016
  2. The recording level at the computer will stay unchanged against the above mentioned operation on the monitor level.


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