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Q.How do I adjust the UA-101's input level? What is the input gain setting?

A.The input levels for the UA-101's analog inputs 1--8 can be adjusted as follows. (Gain adjustment for the digital input OPTICAL IN 9-10 is not available.)

  • INPUT 1,2:
    Each INPUT 1 and 2 has its own SENS knob respectively, allowing you to adjust the input level for INPUT 1 and 2 independently.
    The gain setting for the phone type jack is different from that for the XLR type.
    XLR type: -50 -- -10 dBu
    Phone type: -36 -- +4 dBu
    Use the XLR type jack when you use a mic, and the phone type jack when you connect other equipments.
  • INPUT 3--8:
    INPUT 3 / 4
    INPUT 5 / 6
    INPUT 7 / 8

    The UA-101 is equipped with an input level select switch for each of the above stereo input pairs. Set the rear panel DIP switch appropriately according to the output level of the devices you've connected.


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