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Q.Can I use the UA-101 connected to a PC via USB in 10-IN (input) / 10-OUT (output) operation?

A.You can use the UA-101 at its full capability of 10-IN (input) / 10-OUT (output) when the UA-101 is set to Hi-Speed USB mode (USB 2.0 480 Mbps).

To set the UA-101 to Hi-Speed USB mode, switch the Hi-SPEED select DIP switch located on the UA-101's rear panel to the ON position.

  1. When you change the Hi-Speed USB mode with the corresponding DIP switch, 'power-cycle the UA-101 to activate the new settings.
  2. The red-light USB indicator of the UA-101 shows that the UA-101 has been working properly withthe connected PC in Hi-Speed USB mode. If this indicator is blinking, it means the computer fails to connect the UA-101, most likely because the computer does not support USB 2.0.
  3. The UA-101 will offer 6 In and 6 Out when running at 192kHz.
    (In this case, digital input/output connectors and 7/8 input/output jacks are disabled.)


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