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Tuner & Metronome

Q.The TU-80 has an Accu-Pitch function that sounds a "beep" when the instrument's tuning reaches the correct pitch. Can I switch this function on and off?

A.Yes. Use the following procedure to turn the Accu-Pitch function on/off.
Look at the upper right corner of the TU-80 display, directly underneath the pitch (Hz) indicator. If “Accu-Pitch“ is displayed, the Accu-Pitch function is on.

To turn the Accu-Pitch function off:

  1. Turn off the TU-80's power.
  2. While holding the [TUNER] button, turn the power back on.

When the Accu-Pitch function is off, "Accu-Pitch" is no longer displayed. To turn Accu-Pitch back on, repeat the above procedure.


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