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Tuner & Metronome

Q.I've just replaced the strings on my guitar, and I'm using a BOSS TU-series tuner to tune the new strings for the first time. However, after I tune the strings, they immediately go out of tune. Why is this?

A.Newly replaced strings will go out of tune easily for two reasons. First, when the new string is wrapped around the tuning peg, there's a slight gap between the peg and the string, and a few tunings are required before the string "snugs" itself against the peg. Second, the material that the string is made of is prone to a certain degree of stretching the first few times the string is brought up to tuning tension (this stretching is more pronounced with nylon strings than metal strings).

For these reasons, a single tuning is not enough to stabilize the tuning tension on new strings. For a short time, you will need to continually re-tune the strings until the described conditions stabilize.


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