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Tuner & Metronome

Q.I'm using the TU-80/TU-15 with the Tuning mode set to "GUITAR." I'm trying to tune the sixth string of my guitar, but "7 C" is displayed. Why is this?

A.The TU-80 and TU-15 feature a GUITAR mode that is compatible with both 6-string and 7-string guitars.

If "7 C" is displayed when you're tuning the sixth string of your guitar in GUITAR mode, it means that the sixth string's pitch is too low, and the tuner is detecting it as the seventh string of a 7-string guitar. To remedy this, increase the tension of the sixth string until "6 E" is displayed.

To assist in tuning, you may find it helpful to use the Sound function to roughly tune each of your guitar's strings to the appropriate target pitch, and then use the normal Tuner function to fine-tune each string.


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