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Tuner & Metronome

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Q.When using the TU-80’s metronome, does the display provide an indication of the tempo?


Yes, it does. When you're using the TU-80's metronome, the ・・・

Q.I'm using the TU-80/TU-15 with the Tuning mode set to "GUITAR." I'm trying to tune the sixth string of my guitar, but "7 C" is displayed. Why is this?


The TU-80 and TU-15 feature a GUITAR mode that is compatible ・・・

Q.Is the TU-80's metronome sound sent to the OUTPUT jack?


No, the metronome sound is not output from the OUTPUT jack.

Q.Can I set the TU-80's metronome tempo by tapping on a button?


No, the TU-80 does not have a Tap Tempo function.

Q.Does the TU-80 have an Open Tuning function?


The TU-80 has a GUITAR mode that makes it easy to tune the ・・・

Q.Can the TU-80 be powered with an AC adaptor?


No. The TU-80 operates only on batteries (two AA-type cells).

Q.Can I mute the metronome sound coming out of the TU-80's speaker?


Yes, you can. When the metronome is on, use the SOUND ・・・

Q.Can I adjust the metronome volume or reference tone volume on the TU-80?


No, you cannot adjust the TU-80's metronome volume or ・・・

Q.I've just replaced the strings on my guitar, and I'm using a BOSS TU-series tuner to tune the new strings for the first time. However, after I tune the strings, they immediately go out of tune. Why is this?


Newly replaced strings will go out of tune easily for two ・・・

Q.The TU-80 has an Accu-Pitch function that sounds a "beep" when the instrument's tuning reaches the correct pitch. Can I switch this function on and off?


Yes. Use the following procedure to turn the Accu-Pitch ・・・

Q.One of the metronome mode patterns ("rhythm styles") on the TU-80 / RMP-3 / RMP-1 is called "Clave." What rhythm is this?


Clave is a basic rhythm pattern found in Latin music (Soso, ・・・

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