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Expansion Board for TD-20

Q.What are the functions that are improved on the TDW-20?

A.A. With a foot switch or pad, you can instantly turn the snare strainer ON/OFF, Ambience ON/OFF, MFX ON/OFF, and you can even lock the hi-hat to be closed, similar to using a hi-hat clutch.

B. You can instantly play drum kits directly from the CompactFlash card without any load time.

C. You are able to store 99 full backups on the card. 100 drum kits can be saved in each backup, which mean you can select 9,900 drum kits directly from the card, plus 100 present kits.

D. There is a new copying option called “INST SET”. From one drum kit to another, you have a choice of copying only the kick & snare, only the toms, only the cymbals, or only your AUX instruments. You can also copy a single instrument with or without the Comp/EQ settings. You can even copy MFX and Ambience settings to a different kit.

E. When you send a mono sound (i.e. metronome) to the MIX IN jack, you can listen to it from both left and right of the headphones. If you send an audio with the click on the right channel and the music on the left channel, you can change the settings to merge the channels and output the same thing from both sides of the headphones.

F. You can use the headphone output as a monitor. For example, if you only want to send the ambience to the master outputs, you can still monitor all of the mixed sound from the headphone.


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