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Expansion Board for TD-20

Q.How is the ambience enhanced on the TDW-20?

A.The TDW-20 has 15 new Ambience Types including 3 FX Ambiences for a never-heard ambience effect. The TDW-20 ambience sounds smoother compared to the TD-20 because the resolution is higher. It also has a stereo-feel to it. In combination with the new ambience, Kit Resonance, and the snare buzz, the entire drum kit feels and sounds like one instrument.

Room Type
The TDW-20 prepares ideal enviroments that can be used for recording and live.
"Booth": There are no long sustains, and atmospheric spread of the drums is emphasized. It feels like as if the drums are right in front of you. The kick will sound richer and the cymbals will be brigther.
"Studio": This faithfully reproduces the ambience of a recording studio. The fat and rich ambience fits well with any kind of music.
"Concert Hall":You can get a rich and spacious ambience of a concert hall.

Wall Type
In addition to Wood, Plaster, and Glass that was available on the TD-20, there are three new types; Curtain, Cloth, and Concrete. If you change the wall type, the reflection rate changes. Therefore, you can adjust the characterics of the ambience.

Mic Position
There are more mic positions that captures the ambience. If you lower the mic postion, you get a fat powerful sound from the kick. If you set the mic higher, the cymbals become clearer and you get a more dimensional sound. There are six positons that are commonly used in recording drums. There is also "Low Floor" that simulates floor mics.


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