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Wave and System Expansion Board for TD-10

Q.Sometimes I hear instrument sounds leaking into the Mix Out jacks when I have assigned them to individual outs. Can I cancel the sound leakage ?

A.You can stop it if the source of the leaking sound is because of ambience.

Even when you route the Snare sound through Direct jacks (P91 of the TD-10 owner's manual) from the factory preset, you will still hear the ambience sound coming out from the Master jacks because it is primarily assigned that way. In this case, turn off the Ambience of the Effect Switch (P41 of the TD-10 owner's manual) or set the value of the Ambience Output level "0" (P88 of the TD-10 owner's manual)

If you still notice sound leakage after you have turned off the Ambience, even though the volume of it is far lower than that of the Ambience, it is a matter of "Cross Talk" among eight jacks of MASTER and DIRECT. We are sorry to say this is due to a particular electronic circuit within the TD-10.

The specification of the TD-10 shows the Output (Channel) Separation of the output jacks as follows:

Output Separation : 76db (min.)
(MASTER L -> DIRECT L, MASTER R -> DIRECT R): 45db (min.)
(DIRECT L -> Other DIRECT L, DIRECT R -> Other DIRECT R): 45db (min.)

Because of this specification, sometimes the sound leakage caused by "Cross Talk" may become noticeable.

In some cases you may be able to get rid of the "Cross Talk" by re-routing the output jack from DIRECT to MASTER or vice versa. (Please note not all cases can be used this way.) Let us show you an example.


You will hear the leakage of the KICK sound on the DIRECT1 L, and the SNARE on the DIRECT1 R. In this case, you can get rid of the "Cross Talk" condition by rerouting the TOM1 and TOM3 through Master jacks.


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