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Wave and System Expansion Board for TD-10

Q.The sound does not change regardless of where the pad is struck. (No response to positional sensing).

A.Position sensing is only available from the SNARE input on the TD-8, SNARE and the RIDE input on the TD-10. All trigger inputs on the TD-10 are available for positional sensing when the TDW-1 has been installed. Choose only instruments that can produce positional sensing. Refer to the owner s manual of the TD-10 and TD-8 to find the available instruments for position sensing.

In the case of the PD-120 or the PD-80/80R, adjust the tension of the head properly beforehand by viewing the Head Tension Adjustment screen. (P31 of the TD-10 owner's manual)

In the case of the PD-7/9, turn the Polarity switch to -(ROLAND). The Trigger Type (pad model name) should also be set accordingly. (P30 of the TD-10 owner's manual)


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