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Wave and System Expansion Board for TD-10

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Q.What are the suggested drum playing techniques and available functions for each TD-series sound module?


The following table shows the suggested drum playing ・・・

Q.When I perform a cymbal choke operation on a pad, can I simultaneously send a MIDI message from a TD-series module’s MIDI OUT jack to an external MIDI device?


Yes. Choke operations are transmitted from the TD-series ・・・

Q.I would like to use the CY-15R or CY-12R for the 3-way triggering feature, but the AUX1 and 2 trigger inputs of the TD-10 are being used already. Is there another way to connect it ?


Use the optional TMC-6 Trigger MIDI converter. ・・・

Q.How to get the best results from the PD-120 when performing a rim shot ?


Be sure you play a rim shot in the area of the arc, centered ・・・

Q.Retriggering occurs when I hit V drums. How come it happens ? What causes retriggering ?


First check the head of the PD-120 / PD-100 / PD-80 to see if ・・・

Q.I changed a setting of the drum kit from the factory setting. Can the original settings be brought back ?


Yes, it is possible. Use the Drum kit copy feature to ・・・

Q.The sound does not change regardless of where the pad is struck. (No response to positional sensing).


Position sensing is only available from the SNARE input on the ・・・

Q.Can I layer two sounds?


Basically layering two sounds is not possible, unless you play ・・・

Q.What kind of data can the TD-10 save onto the memory card ?


The memory card of the TD-10 retains the whole settings of the ・・・

Q.With the TD-10, I have changed the trigger settings but I would like to retrieve the initial trigger settings for one bank while maintaining the other banks. Is this possible to do ?


Yes it is. Copy the preset trigger bank to the desired trigger ・・・

Q.Can I copy certain Control room settings to other drum kits of the TD-10 ?


Yes, you can. Select the Control room setting you want, then ・・・

Q.Can I re-arrange the order of the drum kits ?


Yes, you can step through the drum kits of your choice in the ・・・

Q.Sometimes I hear instrument sounds leaking into the Mix Out jacks when I have assigned them to individual outs. Can I cancel the sound leakage ?


You can stop it if the source of the leaking sound is because ・・・

Q.As for the TDW-1 with V-cymbal Control, what has been improved from the first TDW-1 ?


The TDW-1 with V-cymbal control has the following new ・・・

Q.Can I use the data of the drum Kits created with the original TD-10 with the ones upgraded with the TDW-1 ?


Yes, you can use them. Be sure to save the data of the drum ・・・

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