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V-Drums Mat

Q.How do the TDM-20 and TDM-10 mats differ from ordinary mats or carpets sold at home improvement stores?

A.As dedicated mats designed for exclusive use with the V-Drums, the TDM-20 and TDM-10 provide the following special features.

  1. The TDM-20 and TDM-10 mats have a three-layer structure of nylon filament, felt, and urethane rubber that securely supports the V-Drums. They are flame-resistant, soil-resistant, anti-static, and made to ensure that the fibers won't unravel, even after extended use.

  2. The surface fibers are compatible with Velcro. If a unit that has Velcro on its bottom surface (such as the KD-8 kick trigger) is placed on the TDM-20/TDM-10, it will be skid-resistant, and will not move around during your performance.

  3. The urethane rubber used on the bottom surface of the TDM-20/TDM-10 not only protects the floor from scratches, but also helps to cushion impact and vibration. This makes it ideal for use when practicing the V-Drums at home. (Note that the degree of its shock-absorptive and sound-deadening effects will depend on the structure of the building and the materials used in the floor.)

  4. An attractive leatherette V-Drum logo sheet is included. The dark grey color and design make it an ideal match for your V-Drums set. (The logo sheet is approximately 8 x 12 cm in size.)


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