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V-Drums Mat

Q.How much noise absorption can I obtain by laying the TDM-20 or TDM-10 under my drum set?

A.The TDM-20 and TDM-10 mats reduce the vibration transmitted to the floor when you play the V-Drums. Additionally, the mats provide sound-absorptive properties that absorb the mechanical noise that occurs when you play.

The following graph shows the noise-absorption effect of the TDM-20/TDM-10.

As shown here, these mats provide a remarkable amount of acoustical absorption, particularly in the high frequency range above 1 kHz.

When you perform with your V-Drum set placed on the TDM-20 or TDM-10, you'll feel that the operating noise has been softened, particularly for the kick pedal and the hi-hat pedal.

If you've set up your system in a second-floor room or in an apartment, these mats will reduce the noise and vibration that reaches the room below you. (The actual amount of vibration and noise absorbed will depend on the room you are playing in and the materials the floor is made of.)


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