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TD-9 Version 2.0

Percussion Sound Module

Q.What are the compatible USB flash memory sticks that can be used with the TD-9?

A.As of March 11, 2008, we have confirmed the compatibility with the following USB memory sticks.

8GB  Transcend  TS8GJFV10  JetFlash(R) V10  *1*2 
 HUD-M4GLJ-GR  Lumitas M Series
SanDisk  SDCZ23-004G  Cruzer(R) Colors+
 RUF2-E2G-K *1
I-O DATA  TB-AT2G/B  Tote Bag Smart Series *1
 TB-BH2G/R  Tote Bag BH Series
SanDisk  SDCZ23-002G  Cruzer(R) Colors+
Transcend  TS2GJF150  JetFlash(R) 150
 TS2GJF168  JetFlash(R) 168
 TS2GJFV10  JetFlash(R) V10 *1
 HUD-1GLJ-BB  Lumitas
 HUD-H1GLJ  Lumitas H Series
I-O DATA  TB-AT1G/S  Tote Bag Smart Series *1
 TB-BH1G/K  Tote Bag BH Series
Kingston  DTI/1GB  Data Traveler
 DT100/1GB  Data Traveler 100 *1
Roland  M-UF1G *1
SanDisk  SDCZ23-001G  Cruzer(R) Colors+
SILICON POWER  SP001GBUF2M01V1K  Ultima Ⅱ I-Series
Transcend  TS1GJF150  JetFlash(R) 150
 HUD-M512LJ-OR  Lumitas M Series
I-O DATA  TB-BH512/B  Tote Bag BH Series
128MB  Roland  M-UF128 *1

*1: Depending on the design of the USB memory, a noise may occur from the USB memory due to the vibration from the actual drum playing. In this case, please use an USB memory without any moving parts or you can prevent the noise by firmly fixing the USB memory on to the TD-9 with a rubber band.
*2: Since the size is large, operation will become slow and it will take time when formatting.

Please note:
* Even if it’s the same model, the USB memory may not be used because of the differences in the individual design and the environment being used. Roland does not entirely guarantee the compatibility of the models listed above.
* File size up to 2 GB is compatible with the TD-9.
* File system is FAT.

The following USB memory sticks are NOT compatible with the TD-9.

Size Brand ModelSeries
2GB  SONY  USM2GH   Pocketbit USM-H Series 
1GB  SONY  USM1GH   Pocketbit USM-H Series
 USM1GJ   Pocketbit USM-J Series


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