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V-Drums V-Tour Series

Q.Can I increase the volume of the sound produced when I press the hi-hat pedal (the Pedal Hi-Hat sound)?

A.Yes, you can.

In each drum kit, you can adjust the volume of the Pedal Hi-Hat sound, the sound produced when you press the hi-hat control pedal. Use the following procedure:

  1. Make sure that [CLICK] is unlit, then press [KIT] -> [EDIT].
  2. Press [>] to select [COMMON].
  3. Press [ENTER].
  4. Use [<][>] to select "Pedal Hi-Hat volume."
  5. Use [+][-] to specify a value in the range of 0~15.
  6. When you've finished making settings, press [KIT].
  1. This procedure will not change the volume of the sound produced when you strike the pad with the pedal held down (the Closed Hi-Hat sound).
  2. To change the overall volume of the entire hi-hat, use [EDIT] --> [INST] to adjust the HI-HAT [Level]. This will simultaneously adjust the volume of all three hi-hat sounds:
    -- Pedal Hi-Hat
    -- Open Hi-Hat
    -- Closed Hi-Hat


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