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V-Drums V-Tour Series

Q.I've used all the trigger inputs on my TD-6V. Is there a way I can add another pad or cymbal?

A.After connecting all the included pads and cymbals in a TD-6KV set, there is still one trigger input free (“10 CRASH2”). An additional pad or cymbal can be connected to this trigger input.

If you want to add still more pads or cymbals, you can use an optional PCS-31 cable to connect two pads or cymbals to a single trigger input. Trigger Inputs “5/6 TOM2/AUX” and “7/8 TOM3/4” support this dual connection. However, when two pads or cymbals are connected to one trigger input, dual triggering (e.g., rim shots) is not supported.

For details on the pads and cymbals that can be connected, and on the playing techniques that are supported, please refer to The TD-series Sound Module and Pad Compatibility table.


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