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V-Drums V-Compact Series

Q.Compared to the previous V-Drums V-Compact series TD-3KW, what is improved in the TD-4K?

A.Following the concept “attractive to play”, below are the points that are improved in order for the player to focus on the performance or practice.

1. Useful & high quality sounds and expressiveness
  • Realistic tonal changes when you play from soft to hard.
  • Newly developed ambience effects that reproduce the reverberation of various places.

2. Greatly improved user interface

  • Center mounted sound module with large backlit LCD screen.
  • Dedicated Tuning/Muffling buttons to adjust the sound like an acoustic kit.

3. Enhanced features for practice

  • “COACH/Tempo Check” helps for practicing consistent time keeping.
  • “QUICK REC” helps for recording and listening to your performance.

The newly designed MDS-4 drum stand improves the stability and setting capability.


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