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V-Drums V-Compact Series

Q.The TD-4 does not have backing songs, but are there any other good ways to practice?

A. The TD-4 has the following functions that are perfect for practice.

With the various exercises, you can work on your speed, control, accuracy, stamina, and time feel.
The Coach mode can also evaluate your accuracy in percentage (0 . 100%) and show a score of your overall timing.
You can record and playback your performance so you can listen to how you played. You can use Coach mode's “Time Check” function to check whether your recorded performance was played with accurate timing.
You can change the type of sound, tempo, note values, and the volume of the metronome. You can change these settings depending on what you practice.
Mix In
You can connect an audio player or a CD player and jam along to your favorite songs.


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