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V-Drums V-Compact Series

Q.What are the main feature differences between the TD-3KV and TD-3Kit?

A.TD-3KV adds the PD-85 as a snare pad to the TD-3Kit, and has three PD-8 pads for toms.
(The TD-3Kit has two PD-8 for toms.)

Here is the table that compares the differences between the TD-3KV and TD-3Kit.

Sound ModuleTD-3
Drum StandMDS-3C
Snare padPD-85PD-8
Tom pads3 x PD-82 x PD-8
Others1 x KD-8
1 x FD-8
2 x CY-8
(located to the pad position)
(not bundled)


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