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V-Drums V-Compact Series

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Q.When I strike the center of the head, I sometimes hear the rim-shot sound also.


This phenomenon may occur when the cable plugs are not fully ・・・

Q.What are the main feature differences between the TD-3KV and TD-3Kit?


TD-3KV adds the PD-85 as a snare pad to the TD-3Kit, and has ・・・

Q.Is the KD-8 Kick Trigger compatible with twin pedals?


Yes, twin pedals can be used with the KD-8 Kick Trigger. ・・・

Q.When a CY-12R/C or CY-15R is connected to a TD-series sound module, is three-way (separate) triggering of bow, bell, and edge shots available?


Three-way triggering is only possible when the CY-12R/C or ・・・

Q.Is the TD-3 sound module the same with the one included in the TD-3Kit?


Yes, exactly the same.

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