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Percussion Sound Module

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Q.What are the improved features on the TD-20X compare to the TD-20?


 TD-20X is exactly the same as a TD-20 expanded with the ・・・

Q.How is the expressiveness improved on the TD-20X compare to the TD-20?


 The TD-20X broadens the range of the sound change ・・・

Q.How many instruments and kits does the TD-20X have?


 Here is the number of the instruments and drum kits in ・・・

Q.What new V-EDIT features are there on the TD-20X compared to the TD-20?


  There are new snare buzz and kit resonances, ・・・

Q.Is there a feature comparison chart regarding the TD-20X, TDW-20, TD-20 and TD-12?


 Here is the feature-comparison table. ・・・

Q.How many patterns does the TD-20X have? Can I create my own patterns?


The TD-20X has 150 preset patterns. ・・・

Q.How many Multi-Effects does the TD-20X have?


 The TD-20X has 14 Multi-Effects. REVERB ・・・

Q.What is the sampling frequency and bit rate on the Digital Output Jack (COAXIAL)?


Sampling frequency : 44.1 kHz Sampling bit rate ・・・

Q.Which memory card can I use with the TD-20X?


Only CompactFlash cards that are designed for 3.3 V  with ・・・

Q.What data can be saved to a CompactFlash card?


 You can save 2 types of data. Save (back up) 99 ・・・

Q.Can I load data from a CompactFlash card that was saved with the TD-20 or TDW-20?


 Yes, you can.   TDW-20:  You can load ・・・

Q.Do you have a list of V-EDIT parameters?


 V-EDIT is a powerful function that allows you to ・・・

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