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Q.Can the TD-20K-S Drum Kit be set up for left-handed players?

A.You can set up the TD-20K-S for left-handed players, but some cable changes will be required.

The TD-20K-S was originally designed for right-handed players. Therefore, the cables provided with the TD-20K-S are the correct length for a right-handed playing setup. You’ll need to mix-and-match the cables to fit a re-arrangement of the sound module and pads for left-handed playing.

When you rearrange the TD-20K & MDS-20BK for a left-handed player, the module and pads should be mounted as described here:

The TD-20 sound module --- in the same position
TOM 3, TOM 4 (Floor Tom), CRASH 2 --- on the left side of the horizontal tube
Hi-Hat & Snare --- on the right side

After rearranging the pads, you’ll need to re-connect the cables. When you try to re-connect the cables according to the marking (label) attached to each cable, you will find some of the original cables are too short to reach the new pad positions. To remedy this, you should mix-and-match the cables to find the proper lengths to connect each pad with the TD-20 sound module. After re-connecting the cables, you can use the marking label sticker (included in the MDS-20BK accessories box) to re-label them for their current connections.

If some cables are still too short, please use an extension cable to get enough reach.

Do NOT pull cables hard when you’re making short cable connections in order to prevent disconnection of the cables from the jacks.


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