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Q.Can I make a pattern start playing by striking a pad?

A.Yes, you can.

    To play back your favorite pattern by striking a pad, use the following procedure.
    (Example: The TD-12's case)
    ** When you do this with other TD sound module, refer to the "Pad Pattern Function" in the Owner's Manual.
  1. Press[INST]-[F4 (CONTROL)].
  2. Strike a pad.
    The settings screen for the struck pad appears. You can select by using [SHIFT] and [CURSOR (left/ right)].
  3. Press [F1]–[F5] and [CURSOR (up/down)] to select the parameter.
  4. Use [+/-] or [VALUE] to adjust settings.
    (OFF, P1 - 150, U151 - 200)
    **If all pads are set to “OFF,” icon appears.
  5. When finished, press [EXIT] to return to the “INST” screen.
  6. Strike the pad.
    The selected pattern will be played back.
  7. Press [STOP] when you stop the pattern playback.


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