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Percussion Sound Module

Q.I have a V-Drums kit and a TD-20 sound module. Why can't I get different tonal variations when I strike different areas of the pads?

A.The "Positional Sensing" function allows you to achieve different tonal variations when you strike various areas on a V-Pad of V-Cymbal. In order for Positional Sensing to work, all of the following conditions regarding pads, sounds, trigger inputs, and Position Control must be met.

Supported pads:- V-Pads and V-Cymbals that support dual triggering.
* For details, refer to The TD-series Sound Module and Pad Compatibility table.
Supported TD-20 sounds:- Instruments indicated as "POSI" in the INST screen.
* This indicator is viewable only when [F5(H&R)] is off.
Supported TD-20 trigger inputs: - SNARE HEAD (head shot)
- SNARE RIM (rim shot)
- TOM1-4 RIM (rim shot)
- RIDE HEAD (bow shot)
- AUX1-4 RIM (rim shot)
TD-20 Position Control:- The "Position Ctrl Sw" for the desired instruments must be set
to the "ON" position ([INST] > [F3 (CONTROL)] > [F3(MIDI)] > ON).


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