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Percussion Sound Module

Q.When I perform a cymbal choke operation on a pad, can I simultaneously send a MIDI message from a TD-series module’s MIDI OUT jack to an external MIDI device?

A.Yes. Choke operations are transmitted from the TD-series module’s MIDI OUT jack as Polyphonic Key Pressure messages on the MIDI channel assigned to the drum kit part. When you press the rim of a cymbal pad, a message with the value of 7FH is transmitted. When you release the rim, a message with the value of 00H is transmitted.

These messages are sent along with the MIDI Note Number that is assigned to the head and rim of the cymbal pad.

MIDI implementation
Status Second Byte Third Byte
AnH kkH vvH

n=MIDI Channel Number: 0H - FH (Ch.1 - Ch.16)
kk=Note Number 00H - 7FH (0 - 127)
vv=Value 00H, 7FH (0, 127)


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