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Q.Can the TD-12K Drum Kit be set up for left-handed players?

A.Yes. To set up the TD-12K for a left-handed player, you’ll need to change the position of two of the MDS-12BK’s stand components and rearrange the cymbals and pads.

  1. First, move the horizontal pipe on the right side of the MDS-12BK (viewed from the player’s perspective) upward. To accomplish this, loosen the hand knobs on the T-fittings at each end of the pipe. Slide the pipe upward while keeping it horizontal, and then re-tighten the hand knobs.

  2. Next, remove the snare pipe and re-mount it on the right side of the stand. To remove the snare pipe, unscrew the two bolts on its T-fitting and hand knob. After removing the snare pipe, re-mount it on the right vertical pipe.

    • Be sure that the pin at the back of the T-fitting is set correctly in the snare pipe's top hall (left photo).
    • Fasten the bolts on the T-fitting and hand knob in the engraved number's order. (right photo)

  3. Set up the TD-12 on the MDS-12BK.

  4. Connect the cables from the MDS-12BK to the trigger input jacks on the TD-12. The proper cable/jack connection configuration for a left-handed setup is shown in the following table.

    TD-12 Cable label (color) Corresponding pad
    KIK (black)
    Kick KD-85
    T3 (blue)
    Snare PD-105
    CR1 (yellow green)
    Tom1 PD-85
    T1 (blue)
    Tom2 PD-85
    SNR (red)
    Tom3 PD-85
    RD (green)
    Hi-Hat VH-11(TRIG OUT)
    RDE (green)
    Hi-Hat VH-11(CTRL OUT)
    Crash1 CY-12R/C
    CR2 (yellow green)
    HH (yellow)
    Ride CY-12R/C(BOW/BELL)
    HHC (yellow)
    Ride CY-12R/C(BOW/EDGE)
    AX1 (orange)
    AX2 (orange)

  5. Mount the pads and cymbals on the MDS-12BK.

  6. Connect the cables to the pads and cymbals. Refer to the table above for the proper cable/jack connections. For example, by looking at the table, you can determine that you’ll use the RDE (green) cable to connect the VH-11’s CTRL OUT jack to the TD-12’s HH CTRL jack.

The following photo shows the completed left-hand setup.


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