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Q.When I strike the center of the head, I sometimes hear the rim-shot sound also.


This phenomenon may occur when the cable plugs are not fully ・・・

Q.Is there a table that compares TD-12 and TD-20 features?


Here is the TD-12 and TD-20 feature-comparison table. ・・・

Q.What are the main feature differences between the TD-20 and the TD-12?


The following table compares TD-20 and TD-12 features. ・・・

Q.When I strike a pad, a pattern starts playing. How can I stop this from happening?


The Pad Pattern function allows you to start playback of a ・・・

Q.Can I mount a pair of PM-3 monitor speakers on the TD-12K?


You can mount a pair of PM-3 monitor speakers using the ・・・

Q.Can the TD-12K Drum Kit be set up for left-handed players?


Yes. To set up the TD-12K for a left-handed player, you’ll ・・・

Q.Is the TD-12 sound module similar in design to the TD-20?


Yes. The TD-20, however, is the top-of-the-line TD-series ・・・

Q.What are the differences between the KD-85 and KD-80?


The KD-85 is available in black (KD-85BK) and white (KD-85WT) ・・・

Q.What are the differences between the PD-85 and the PD-80R?


The PD-85 employs the same design as the PD-80R, but with the ・・・

Q.Can I make a pattern start playing by striking a pad?


Yes, you can. To play back your favorite pattern by ・・・

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