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Percussion Sound Module

Q.If the TD series modules are synchronized through MIDI, can the metronome click be assigned to come out the phones output only ?

A.It is possible with the TD-10 and TD-8. The TD-6 does not have this feature.

  1. Connect one end of a MIDI cable to the MIDI In jack of the TD-10 / 8, and the other end to the MIDI Out jack of the sequencer.
  2. Set the SYNC parameter to "EXTERNAL" in the TD-10 / TD-8 (See the TD-10 Owner's manual: P129 /or Page 162 for the TD-8)
  3. Assign the metronome click sound to come out the headphone jack only. Use the following procedure for the TD-8 or TD-10. Press CLICK. Press F2. Press down CURSOR to select OUTPUT. Use the VALUE dial to select "Phones Only". Owner's manual: P73 for the TD-10, P95 for the TD-8)

Now the metronome click should only be heard in the headphone output.


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