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OCTAPAD SPD-30 Version 2

Upgrade your OCTAPAD with Version 2

Q.What are the possibilities for expanding the Octapad with external pads?

A.There are 4 dual-trigger inputs for external pads plus an input for a hi-hat controller,( FD-8, VH-11) for opening and closing the hi-hat. There is also a foot-switch jack allowing you to use 2 FS-5U's for executing various functions.
You can connect just about any combination of external pads or kick triggers. Using Roland cymbal pads, you can use the choke function, and pads with the "head/rim" function let you play rim-shots or trigger 2 completely different sounds.
External pads can even be programmed to function as switches as well.
Note: The Octapad is NOT compatible with the VH-12 Hi-Hat, and 3-way triggering from one pad is not possible.


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