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OCTAPAD SPD-30 Version 2

Upgrade your OCTAPAD with Version 2

Q.What is phrase loop?

A."Phrase Loop" is a loop based recording function that creates powerful recording possibilities and opens up new potentials for real time performing. This is one of the many new features in taking the 25 year legacy of the Octapad one step further.

Simply-explained: you can record, using three different parts, with a different kit on each part.

On part 1, record an 8 measure phrase with a drum kit.
On part 2, record melody or bass.
On part 3, you could add Latin or African percussion.

Or only use one or two parts, so you can freely perform on a 3rd kit while the phrase is playing. (you can assign a phrase later on to any kit) Not only does each kit in the phrase retain it's own effects settings (which can be manipulated in real time as well) but there are multiple choices for muting/erasing specific sounds while performing. The possibilities are endless.


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