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Total Percussion Pad

Q.On the SPD-20, I'm trying to play the kick drum sound with a connected foot switch. However, the kick sound is triggered when I press the switch and when I release it. How can I make the sound play only when I press the foot switch?

A.With the SPD-20's factory settings, the trigger threshold parameter is set to "0." At this setting, the sound may be triggered when you release your foot from the foot switch. To remedy this, use the following procedure to set the trigger threshold parameter (TRIG THRESHOLD) to a value in the range of 6-8:

  1. Press [EDIT].
  2. Press [SELECT] three times.
  3. Press [V] (cursor down) four times. The TRIG THRESHOLD setting screen will appear.
  4. Use [-/+] to set the value in the range of 6-8.


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