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Sampling Workstation

Q.Can I copy samples between the SP-606’s different pad banks?

A.Yes. The Clipboard function (a memory area that temporarily stores a sample) allows you to copy samples between pad banks.

Use the following procedure:

  1. Open the “Play” screen.
  2. Hold down the pad of the sample you want to copy and press [CLIPBOARD].
    The sample is copied to the Clipboard memory, and [CLIPBOARD] lights.
    Press [CLIPBOARD] to monitor the copied sample.
    If you delete the copy-source sample while it is also stored in the Clipboard memory, the version stored in Clipboard memory will be deleted as well.
  3. Press [PAD BANK] to select the pad bank you’d like to copy the sample to.
  4. Hold down [CLIPBOARD] and press the copy-destination pad.
    (When you press [CLIPBOARD], pads that already contain samples will light.)
    If you want to copy the sample to a different pad bank, press [PAD BANK] to switch pad banks.
    After you have copied the sample, hold down [FUNC] and press [CLIPBOARD] to delete the sample from the Clipboard memory.
You can't copy a sample to a pad that already contains a sample. If you wish to delete a pad’s sample, use the Pad Delete function first.


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