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Sampling Workstation

Q.What is the P606 software that comes with the SP-606?

A.The P-606 software consists of three sound modules, a pattern sequencer/mixer, and plug-in effects. You can use the P606 in various ways, from performance to track creation. It also allows you to easily create original phrases for the SP-606.

The SP-606 can be used as a control surface for the P606 software. In addition, the SP-606 can sample the performance produced by the P606 (using the SP-606’s EXT SEQ: SAMPLING function).

Sound modules:

  • PSYN Mini Analog
    An analog-modeling based synthesizer that contains 128 preset patches.
  • Groove Synth
    A high-performance synth that delivers the sound of the MC-303/505.
  • Groove Player
    A sample player that can play back WAV files and “acidized” WAV files.
Sequencer and mixer:
The P606 provides a 16-part loop sequencer and mixer. Any one of the three sound modules can be selected for each part. Preset patterns are also built-in.

Eight different plug-in effects give you a broad range of sound processing. The plug-ins can be used on any of the sequencer’s 16 parts.


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