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Sampling Workstation

Q.What functions can I control when using the SP-606 as a control surface for the P606 software?

A.From the SP-606, you can control the P606 software in the following ways.

Controls on the SP-606 What you can control on the P606
[PAD1] - [PAD6]

** Press [PAD1] - [PAD6]
while pressing [FUNC]
to select the desired function.
Move the "Current Part"
Switch "Part Mute" ON / OFF
Switch "Part Solo" ON / OFF
Playback the "Current Part"
by pressing a pad to transmit
MIDI note messages
Select the "Current Sequence"
CURSOR buttons
(up, down, left, right)
Move the cursor position in the Part Mixer
[DEC], [INC], Value Dial
Change the value at the cursor position
Switch the ON/OFF function
of parameters selected
by the CURSOR buttons
Sequencer Control Buttons
P606 Controls the P606's TRANSPORT buttons
CTRL 1, 2, and 3, D BEAM
Controls the P606's
CTRL 1-3 knobs and D BEAM
Samples the P606's
Current Sequence playback


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