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Sampling Workstation

Q.I'd like to restore the SP-606's factory settings of samples and patterns. How can I do this?

A.Use the included CD (DRIVER/FACTORY DATA CD-ROM) to restore the SP-606’s factory settings.
To restore the settings, you’ll need the following items:

  • a personal computer that’s equipped with a CD-ROM drive.
  • a CompactFlash card that has been formatted on the SP-606 (32 MB or larger size is recommended).
  • a CompactFlash card reader that is compatible with your personal computer.

Use the following procedure:

  1. Connect the card reader to the computer and prepare it for use (refer to the owner’s manuals for the card reader and computer for instructions)
  2. Insert the CompactFlash card into the card reader.
  3. Insert the DRIVER/FACTORY DATA CD-ROM into the computer’s CD-ROM drive, and copy the "FCTRY" folder from the CD into the "ROLAND" folder on the CompactFlash card.
  4. Remove the CompactFlash card from the computer. (Refer to the owner’s manuals for the card reader and computer for instructions on how to properly remove a CompactFlash card.)
  5. Insert the CompactFlash card into the SP-606.
  6. From the SP-606’s Play screen, press [MENU] to access the top menu screen.
  7. Move the cursor to the 1:SYSTEM line, and then press [ENTER]. The SYSTEM screen will appear.
  8. Press [F3] (INIT) to access the SYSTEM INITIALIZE screen.
  9. Press [F1] (LOAD) to add a check mark to “Load Factory Data.”
  10. Press [F3] (EXEC).
  11. The message "This will clear all the internal contents. Are you sure?" will be displayed. Press [F3] (EXEC) to proceed. (If you decide to cancel the procedure, press [F2] (Cancel) instead of [F3] (EXEC).)
  12. The procedure is completed when "Please Power Off" is displayed. Turn the SP-606’s power off and then back on again.
 When you perform this procedure, all internal memory data will be replaced by the factory data. If necessary, back up the internal memory data by copying it to a CompactFlash card before loading the factory data.


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