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Sampling Workstation

Q.What can I do using the SP-606’s D Beam?

A.Three dedicated buttons allow you to choose the following functions for the D Beam.

This setting allows you to play the sound of a specified pad (1-16) by using the D Beam.
If the Sub-Pad function is on and PAD 16 is selected, you can use the D Beam to control the Sub-Pad function.

With this setting, you use the D Beam to control the cutoff frequency of a filter with a very steep (-36 dB) slope. Additionally, you can choose from four different filter types: LPF, HPF, BPF, and NOTCH.

This setting allows you to use the D Beam to control the pitch (based on the SYNTH scale setting) of the SP-606’s built-in monophonic synthesizer.

About the SYNTH Scale:
When SYNTH is selected and you move your hand over the D Beam, you can play the notes of the current SYNTH scale setting. With the factory setting, higher notes will be played when you bring your hand closer to the controller (you can use the Pitch Low/High setting to reverse this if desired).

You can choose from the following 21 SYNTH scale types:

CHROMATIC : Chromatic Scale
TCHEREPINS : Tcherepnin's Scale
SPANISH : Spanish Scale
BLUES MIXO : Blues Mixolydian Scale
COMB DIM : Combination of Diminished Scale
MAJOR : Diatonic Major Scale
MINOR : Natural Minor Scale
HARMONIC MAJ : Harmonic Major Scale
HARMONIC MIN : Harmonic minor Scale
DBL HARMONIC : Double Harmonic Scale
MELO MIN : Melodic Minor Scale
GYPSY : Gypsy Scale
DOMINANT : Dominant Scale
HEX : Whole Tone Scale
HEX BLUE : Hexatonic Blue Scale
AUGMENT : Augmented Scale
RYUKYU : Ryukyu Scale
INSEN DEC : In Sen Scale, Decending
INSEN ASC : In Sen Scale, Ascending
PENTA : Major Pentatonic Scale
PENTA MIN : Minor Pentatonic Scale


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