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Q.How do I check the remaining battery capacity of the SP-404?

A.Use the following procedure to check the remaining battery capacity of the SP-404.

  1. [Make sure that [PATTERN SELECT] is not lit.
    (If it’s lit, press [PATTERN SELECT] so its indicator goes out.)
  2. Press and hold [REMAIN].
    While [REMAIN] is held, the remaining battery capacity is indicated by the BANK [A]-[F/J] buttons’ indicator lights:
    BANK buttons [A] through [F/J] are lit: The battery power is at full capacity.
    BANK buttons [A] - [E/I] are lit: The number of lit buttons indicates the relative remaining battery capacity (more lit buttons means more battery capacity).
    Only BANK button [A] is lit:The batteries are near depletion. Replace them with new batteries.
  • You cannot check the remaining battery capacity when the AC adaptor is connected (all the BANK buttons [A] - [F/J] will light regardless of the remaining battery capacity).
  • If the remaining battery capacity becomes extremely low, the display illumination will remain lit in blue, and the dot (.) is the lower right corner of the display will blink at alternating short and long intervals.
  • When the battery capacity runs out completely, “Lo” is shown in the display and the SP-404 stops operating.


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