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Q.The samples that were loaded in the SP-404’s memory when it was new are no longer there. How can I reload them?

A.The SP-404 comes with factory-loaded samples in Sample Bank A and Sample Bank B (Pads 1 and 2). Once they are erased, they cannot be re-loaded unless they have been backed up to an optional CompactFlash memory card beforehand.

If you wish to keep the factory-loaded samples, you should obtain a CompactFlash card and save the samples on it as backup data before erasing them from the SP-404’s internal memory.

The SP-404 can save backup data (all internal data, including sample banks and pattern banks) on a memory card. Up to twelve sets of backup data can be saved.

    Procedure for saving backup data:
  1. Insert a CompactFlash card into the SP-404’s Memory Card slot.
    (You’ll need to format the card if it has not been used with the SP-404 before.)
    You can use a memory card that currently has SP-404 backup data on it as long as it has a free backup destination.
  2. While holding [CANCEL], press one of the BANK [C/G] - [F/J] buttons.
    "SAV" appears in the SP-404’s display. Blinking pads will indicate the available backup destinations.
  3. Press a blinking pad to select the desired backup destination.
    The selected pad will light solid, the other pads will stop blinking, and [REC] will blink.
    (If you wish to cancel the backup procedure, press [CANCEL].)
  4. Press [REC] so it lights solid.
    The dot (.) in the display will blink while the data backup is stored to the card. When the data backup is finished, the blinking will stop.

    To prevent damage to the memory card or the backup data contained on it, never turn off the power while the data backup is being stored to the card.


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