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Q.Can the SP-404 play WAV or AIFF audio files that I’ve copied to a CompactFlash card from my computer?

A.The SP-404 cannot play WAV or AIFF files directly. However, you can use the SP-404's Audio File Import function to convert WAV or AIFF files stored on a CompactFlash card into a format that can be read by the SP-404. During the import process, the SP-404 loads the converted data into its internal memory. Once converted, the new SP-404-compatible samples can be saved to the CompactFlash card as part of a data backup.

    Please be aware of the following points when importing audio files (WAV/AIFF).
  1. When using a computer or similar device to copy or store an audio file (WAV/AIFF) onto a CompactFlash memory card, you must place the file in the root level (the top level) of the memory card. If you place the file in any level other than the root, you won't be able to import it into the SP-404.
  2. The maximum number of files that the SP-404 can recognize is 120.
  3. A period (.) cannot be the first character of the file name. There are also some other characters ( \ / : , ; * ? " < > _ ) that you cannot use in a file name.
  4. WAV files should have the file name extension “.WAV”, and AIFF files should have the file name extension “.AIF”. The SP-404 cannot recognize a file unless it has one of these extensions.
  5. The SP-404 will import audio files in the ASCII order of their file names.
  6. The WAV or AIFF file must have a sample rate of 8 or 16 bits.
  7. Sample rate conversion is not applied during the import process. The data is always imported at 44.1kHz sample rate. If the original file has a sample rate other than 44.1 kHz, the playback pitch and speed of the imported file will be different from the original.
  8. If an AIFF file contains loop point settings, they will be ignored.
  9. If you attempt to import an incompatible WAV/AIFF file, the SP-404 will display the error message "UnS" (Unsupported), and the importing process will stop.
  10. Compressed audio files (e.g., MP3) cannot be imported.
  11. The SP-404 cannot import extremely short audio files.
  12. The required time for importing will be approximately the same as the actual playback time of the audio file.
  13. You cannot cancel the importing process once it has begun.


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