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Q.On the SP-404, can I apply internal effects to the internal mic or sources connected to the LINE IN or MIC jacks?

A.The SP-404 allows you to apply an internal effect to sounds picked up by the internal mic or signals received at the LINE IN or MIC IN jacks. Use the following procedure:

  1. Prepare the SP-404 to receive external audio:
    • If you’re using a line-level device (instrument, CD player etc.), connect it to the LINE IN jacks.
    • If you're using an external mic, connect it to the MIC IN jack.
    • If you're using the SP-404’s internal mic, press the [MIC] button so its indicator lights.
  2. Press [EXT SOURCE] so its indicator lights.
  3. Press one of the EFFECTS buttons. The selected effect will be applied to the incoming sound source.


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