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Q.I installed the driver, but can't use the device. (PCR series and other devices)


Did you install a MIDI or audio device several times? In ・・・

Q.Can I connect my device (PCR, SK, FP series) to a USB 2.0 compatible USB connector and use it?


These devices can be connected to a USB connector that ・・・

Q.In Macintosh OS 9, how can I see that my MIDI device is working correctly?


Use the [Apple System Profile] window to check that a MIDI ・・・

Q.I've connected a MIDI device to a Macintosh via USB, and am creating a setup in Free MIDI, but the connected MIDI device is not detected (or my computer freezes).


It is possible that Free MIDI and other system extensions are ・・・

Q.On Mac OS X, I can't use my Roland USB MIDI device simultaneously with the E-magic amt-8 or unitor-8.


You can solve this problem by installing the Unitor series ・・・

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