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Q.I understand that the SH-201 has audio input jacks and is ideal for DJ performance applications. What specific ways are there of using this functionality?

A.The SH-201 is equipped with audio INPUT jacks, to which you can connect an external audio source such as a digital audio player, CD player, or external sampler.

This type of setup gives you the following performance possibilities.

  1. You can play the SH-201 along with the sound from the external audio source.
  2. You can use the CENTER CANCEL function to cancel sounds in the external audio source that are panned to the center (such as vocals).

    *If the bass, the bass drum, or other low-pitched instruments are panned to the center, those sounds will also be cancelled, "thinning out" the overall sound.

    * The Center Cancel on/off setting is not stored within the patch.
  3. You can operate the dedicated knobs of the audio filter section to modify the sound in real time. For example, you can:
    • rhythmically turn the cutoff knob in time with the rhythm of the song or phrase loop.
    • select the low pass filter, set the resonance to a medium value, and gradually raise the cutoff as the song progresses.
    • select a filter that extracts only a portion of the sound (such as high-pass or band-pass), and switch the filter on and off between measures.
    The SH-201's filters
  4. You can use the keyboard to play the sound from your external audio source (WAVE-EXT IN function).
    The external sound source can be modulated by the SH-201. For example, you can produce only the modulated sound while you're holding down the SH-201's keyboard and only the regular (un-modulated) sound when you release the keyboard. You can also use the SH-201's knobs to control the modulated sound in real time. This is ideal for DJ performances.
    For details, refer to the related FAQ:
    I understand that I can use the SH-201's keyboard to play sounds from an external sampler or CD. How is this done?

Note: Audio filter settings are not stored in the patch.

For your reference: The SH-201's filters

The SH-201 has four filters dedicated to the audio input.

  • LPF (Low Pass Filter)
    This cuts the frequencies that are higher than the cutoff frequency, making the sound mellower.
  • HPF (High Pass Filter)
    This cuts the frequencies that are below the cutoff frequency, effectively emphasizing the high range.
  • BPF (Band Pass Filter)
    This passes only the frequencies that are in the region of the cutoff frequency, cutting the remaining frequencies. This is useful for creating distinctive sounds.
  • NOTCH (Notch Filter)
    This cuts only the frequencies that are in the region of the cutoff frequency. Use this when you want to eliminate a specific component of the sound.


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