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Q.I understand that creating sounds on the SH-201 synthesizer is easy, even for the beginner. What do you mean by this?


The following diagram shows the basic process of creating sounds on the SH-201.

The SH-201 and the three elements of sound

There are three important elements that determine the character of a sound: the pitch, the brightness, and the volume. On the SH-201, you can control these three elements of sound in the following sections of the front panel:

  1. Pitch: The OSC section (left side of the panel) specifies the pitch of the sound.
  2. Brightness: The FILTER section (middle of the panel) specifies the brightness of the sound.
  3. Volume: The AMP section (right side of the panel) specifies the volume of the sound.

This is the basic procedure for creating sound. The SH-201 is designed so that the flow of operation moves naturally from left to right on the panel.

In actuality, the waveform created by the OSC section also has an important effect on the brightness of the sound, but the basic procedure is as described above.

The most important parameters for controlling these elements have been carefully selected, making it instantly clear what each knob and slider is controlling. Additionally, the knobs and sliders are placed on the panel with plenty of space for comfortable operation.


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