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Q.What can I do when the SH-201 is connected to my computer via USB?

A.The USB port on the SH-201 provides both USB audio and USB MIDI functionality.

When you connect the SH-201 to your computer via USB, you'll be able to record the sound of the SH-201--or the sound from a device connected to the SH-201's INPUT jacks--into your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software on the computer. Additionally, you can listen to the sound of the DAW through the SH-201, either from a speaker system connected to the SH-201's OUTPUT jacks or headphones connected to the SH-201's PHONES jack.

The USB connection also allows you to use MIDI sequencer software on your computer to record MIDI performance data from the SH-201, and use the SH-201 as a sound module for MIDI playback from the sequencer.

Note: In order to use the SH-201 as a USB device, you must first install a "USB driver" on your computer. The USB driver is provided on the "SH-201 Editor CD" that's included with the SH-201.

Related FAQ:
I understand that I need to install an SH-201 USB driver on my computer before I can connect the SH-201 to it via USB. What does the USB driver do?

---Windows users:
Refer to "Readme_E.txt" on the "SH-201 Editor CD."
---Macintosh users:
Refer to "ReadMe(English).txt" on the "SH-201 Editor CD."

Making connections:
Use a USB cable (sold separately) to connect the SH-201 to your computer.


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