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Q.I've read that the SH-201 is an "analog modeling" synthesizer. Does this mean that the SH-201 is a type of analog synthesizer?

A.The SH-201 is an all-digital synthesizer that uses an analog modeling sound generator. This sound source distills the essence of Roland's sound-generating technology.

Analog modeling sound generation provides the following benefits:

  • Cutting-edge digital technology is used to model (simulate) an analog synthesizer. This provides all the advantages of an analog synthesizer, such as easy and intuitive sound creation, and allows for the creation of unique synthesizer sounds that are unobtainable with analog instruments.
  • The oscillator--the heart of the synthesizer sound generator--employs the latest digital technology, providing a broad range of high-quality waveforms that deliver sounds with the richness and warmth characteristic of analog synthesizers.
  • A versatile range of immediately usable sounds is provided, including favorite sounds such as synth leads, synth basses, motion pads, and contemporary dance-type synth sounds.
  • Digital technology guarantees that operation and sound are highly stable. Additionally, a simple USB connection to your computer makes it easy to manage sounds and record using the SH-201.


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